What is Counseling?

Counseling (or therapy) is a process of working out life’s problems with the help of a caring, trained professional. Sometimes the stresses people experience or current life situations are too big to handle without some extra help. Counseling can help when someone is feeling confused, struggling in a relationship, feeling depressed, anxious, or grieving a loss. Counseling is about working with a counselor to alleviate these feelings, increase self-understanding and improve relationships.

Our Counselors:

Our counselors are highly trained, compassionate individuals who work with their clients to solve problems. The relationship they build with clients is a collaborative one; they work together in a safe, respectful and confidential relationship. This work can lead to the changes individuals are seeking.

Benefits of Counseling:

Counseling is an opportunity to work through problems, deal with difficult emotions, and solve relationship issues. Talking through problems with someone outside of family and friends provides people with new solutions and perspectives. The support and validation received in counseling enables people to face life’s problems more effectively. Counseling also helps people recover from difficult past experiences and learn more about their strengths, needs and abilities. Counseling leads to improved self-esteem, effective coping and healthier relationships.

Who Can Benefit From Counseling:

Everyone faces difficult times and needs assistance some time in their lives. People from all walks of life seek counseling when things are too much to cope with or solve on their own. It is normal to need help at these times. Counseling also helps people with long standing emotional problems. Even those with biologically based problems can benefit from counseling along with other treatment options (such as medication). Individuals needing help with life skills, such as stress management, emotional regulation, relationship skills, parenting skills and decision making also benefit from counseling.

When to seek Counseling:

When people continue to feel stuck, unhappy or overwhelmed, even after trying other solutions, it is a great time to seek counseling. Taking the first step to call for help can be difficult, but people often feel a sense of relief and hopefulness when they do this.